In the fall of 2003, thirty-four individuals left for Nepal.  This time everybody would work together to provide medical care for the people of Nepal.  The group was led by Carl and Gina Bottorf of Bridging the World medical missions, and was joined by doctors from other areas of the country.  During the first week, the team ministered to a town called Dumre, and the clinic was set up on top of a mountain which the team climbed each morning by foot.  

Thousands of people arrived for medical care, prayers, and spiritual awakening.  God performed a miracle on a baby that died while in the clinic, and then came back to life as the grieving mother carried her child down the mountain.  The teams stay in Dumre came to an abrupt end when they learned that they were in danger from the Maoist political party.  They left the town quickly and arrived safely back in Katmandu.  Thousands more Nepalis received care and were ministered to spiritually.  Although several members of the team became very ill due to difficult conditions, God brought everyone home safely one more time.