On Oct. 26, 2015 a team of 12 representing "BBC" left early in the morning, 1:30am, to travel to Cambodia for a medical missions trip.  The team comprised of 1 pastor, 1 doctor, 4 nurses, 1 electrician, 1 teacher, and 4 helpers, (4 men, 8 women) .  After a couple of layovers and a long flight we arrived in Phnom Penh where we were greeted  by our hosts Paul and Jeanet Tabanao with many of the Bible students from Highlands Bible College from the Rawlings foundation.  We got to Highlands approximately 2:30 am Wednesday, Oct.28.  after a short rest we visited the village of Pich Nil and set up our first medical clinic.  

While the clinic was being set up some of us visited a retired military man's home from Pastor Imm's church.  After visiting with this humble man and his sons we took a trip to the area mall.  This mall was not like anything back here in the states. Everything was under make shift like huts with no walls.  The floors were mostly dirt, wooden benches had the young and old preparing chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables, all for the days sales.  Pastor  Mick took advantage of getting a hair cut for $1.00 where no appointment was necessary. Back at the clinic approximately 87 patients were seen.  The most memorable was a mother who brought her new born baby in with burn blisters over her little body.  When those doing triage asked what happened, one of the Highland Bible College students who was helping interpret said when the mother was resting on some hot coals with her baby resting on her breasts, (a tradition, to help keep evil spirits away) fell asleep her baby rolled off onto the hot coals. Doctor Sarah and nurses Margret, Leslie, Judy, and Janet went into action and put medicine and bandages on the little body.  We found out 3 days laterthe baby was responding to the treatment along with our prayers, many of the blisters had disappeared, Praise the Lord for his goodness.  

A little later in the day, pastor Mick and Dr. Sarah Stewart visited a home to help treat a 14 day old baby with club feet.  The second part of the day was a clinic back at the Highland Bible College where 77 patients were taken care of.  End of day one.

Thursday Oct. 29

Day 2 of our trip "journey" we visited the village of Chambok in the mountains, about  an hour and a half from camp.  The morning started with small group prayer and then the coloring books and crayons came out.  Many of the children (and adults) enjoyed coloring pictures of Jesus, Noah and many others.  The children got to hear about Noah (through an interpreter) and the gospel as well as did the adults who heard the message of our Lord by many of the Highlands Bible college students.  All in all about 130 people received medical care.

Friday Oct. 30

On this day we set up a clinic in the village of KohSla.  It has a growing population and is almost at a city status.  They have a big temple and government building.  The Prime minister was visiting and we passed three humvees with soldiers on our way there.  It  was an amazing day because we were not originally scheduled to visit this place.  There was a change in plans  and we went here at the last minute. On the way there one of our helpers, Jenn Guevare Simblante from the Bible College, shared with u about the children's ministry at the dump site village near the Killing fields from the war in the 1970s.  While at the village in KohSla we met Sagoeun Yocun the pastor of the church in KohSla.  

Pasor Yocun is a disabled army veteran who while fighting against the Pol Pot regime was buried alive from an explosion during the war.  While in the hospital he and many of the other veterans were ministered to by many Bible students and after hearing the gospel Sagoeun Yocun gave his heart to the Lord.  Many disabled veterans live in this community and now Sagoeun has a heart to minister to them and their families.  131 people received medical care in a little over 3 hours God directed our paths and it was such a blessing to serve them. 

Sat. Oct. 31

On this day we traveled to an island called Koh Kong where 115 people received medical care.  While there, 25 people prayed and accepted Christ as their Savior.  A pastor from the main land is hoping to start a church there.  Because of the love and care that was shown, seeds were planted and now the doors are open for someone to start a church there.  After ministering here we took a boat ride across the Sourth China Sea, where some of the team took a refreshing swim. 

Sunday Nov. 1

We got to worship with our brother and sisters at the Highlands Bible Baptist Church, what a great experience!  We also got a chance to worship at Pastor Imm's church back in the village where we were also able to see the baby the medical team cared for, Our God is Great!

Monday Nov. 2

We had a great Monday visiting the village of Cheung Prey, which is over 2oo years old.  Again our awesome doctor Sarah Stewart, and the amazing nurses Leslie Spencer, Janet Lyn Mitchell, Margaret-Grace Henry, and Judy Poplaski, saw 106 people at this clinic  

Tues. Nov. 3

Tuesday was our final day of medical clinics and it was a long one!  We traveled 2 1/2 hours from Phnom Penh to the village of Svay Rieng which is 40 minutes from the Vietnam border.  128 People received medical care.  Out of 817 people that were cared for in 6 days, there were 144 professions of faith!

Weds. Nov. 4

On this day we were able to visit the floating village at the Tonie Sap Lake in Chong Khneas, where there are 1,115 families and 200 species of fish and birds.  This is also where there was an alligator farm where you can order alligator meat, some of the team were brave enough to try it, but by the expression  of their faces it was not the best they had ever had.  From there we were able to visit Siem Reap where we toured Angkor Thom and Angkor Watt where we took an elephant ride around the park.  The last place we visited was the Killing Fields.  This tour was a chilling reminder of what can happen when the heart is not surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Psalm 137:4 - "How shall we sing the LORD'S song in a foreign land?"

By listening to the Lord's voice and obeying.  We went to Cambodia not knowing what to expect but we all had one goal in mind, and hat was to try to e a blessing to the people we came in contact with.  We were able to set up medical clinics, help load rocks into a cart for a church building, painting a fence, teaching conversational English to some of the Bible college students, playing frisbee with the kids, inspecting electrical wiring on campus buildings, supplying funds so a pastor could buy a new lap top computer, listening to the people's hearts, all of this with no strings attached. 

May we have this kind of heart here at home as we did in Cambodia.