This trip included close to forty members, who were divided into three teams including medical, construction and children's ministries.  The construction team built a wooden house for a local pastor and his family, a cement block home for a mother and her six children, and also expanded the home of  a quadriplegic man who was unable to leave his bed.  How they accomplished so much in one week, only God can answer!!  The medical team provided medicines to hundreds of people in need, with the assistance of a Belizian doctor who joined us each day, and saw each and every patient individually.  

The children's team provided vacation bible school to enthusiastic children who craved knowledge of the love of Jesus and the gospel.  This year, the team was joined by a dentist who provided free dental care and fluoride treatments to hundreds of people in need.  The team was able to enjoy a day of relaxation and visit the Mayan ruins, and experience the lush Belizian rainforest before returning from another successful missionary journey.