As the scripture in Isaiah teaches us to care for the poor and feed the hungry, our short-term mission team endeavored to do that for two weeks in February.  We held three medical clinics where we witnessed heartbreaking scenes - a baby near death, a young girl with bacterial meningitis, a man who could not swallow, and a woman carrying a still-born baby in her eleventh month.  We also worked on building a second story on a school and helping with a water system.  Les Hutchinson took his own tools to work with on these projects and ended up leaving them for our brothers to use after we left.  

Two of our teens helped with taking blood pressure and translating the Haitian language, then at the end of the day, the Haitian children were waiting for them to play soccer.  One lady even cut some of the missionaries' hair.  Even that was such a blessing to them.  Short term missions teaches us that it isn't how much we have but what we do with what we have that matters.