In September of 2002, twenty one individuals, mostly members of Bangor Baptist Church embarked on the church's first large scale missions trip to a third world country.  The members were divided into three teams, including medical, construction and Vacation Bible School.    Each team woke early each morning and was bused to their designated work area for the day.  The medical team set up camp in the African bush for the first week, and ministered to hundreds of families and children, distributing antibiotics, pain medicine, vitamins, worm pills, and formula.  Many would wait for hours in the hot sun, and never complain, even when the medicines ran out.  The second week the medical team continued their work at a clinic operated by a Catholic charity.  The construction team set to work construction a church building to be pastored by our host, Gary Stewart.  They began their day at five o clock in the morning, and did not quit until after the hot sun went down in the evening.  At the end of the two weeks, the building had four high walls, with the hope that construction would continue after the team's departure.  

The children's team held their bible school at several locations, and were met each morning by dense crowds of excited children.  They taught the children bible stories, songs, and shared a message of hope with these children who did not even have a word that meant "tomorrow."  They lived each day only to survive, and to take care of each other.  Many were AIDS orphans, and lived each day not knowing if it would be their last.  The end of the tip allowed time for rest, relaxation, and debriefing of the experiences shared by each team.