Crosspoint Kids

Missions in Upstreet!
I wanted to share some exciting news about what we are doing in Upstreet. One thing we will be doing is taking a regular offering over the next year—once a month, to drill a well in Chad, Africa. Our goal is $3,000.00 and will use our penny offering during VBS to also help fund
our well drilling project. The team, pastor, and I believe that it is important to teach our children from a young age the importance of missions. The well is a tangible way the kids can see their offering being used in helping improve the quality of life.  I am asking that you would help us by teaching your children and encouraging them to participate in our project. Here are a few ways that you might use to teach them to give: Do an extra chore around the house. Using part of an allowance—if they earn one. I personally set aside all of our bottle return monies for missions and perhaps your child could engage in that way. There are so many ways to contribute. Our offering for our project will begin on the last Sunday of our conference, October 27. On the third Sunday of the month we will take our monthly offering. It will be exciting to see how God meets our goal.
UPSTREET CHRISTMAS BASH! Mom’s and Dad’s mark your calendars for December 6th for an opportunity to bring your child to the ultimate Upstreet Christmas gathering. Your child will have a great time eating pizza, making a Christmas ornament, and playing a ton of fun games. Here is the little extra bonus for you—you can go shopping while the Upstreet team ministers to your kiddos. To make it a bit more fun we would love to see your kiddos either wear Christmas pajamas or an ugly Christmas sweater—it will be fun. Here is what we, the team, need from you before the 6th1. We need to have you sign your child up on the kiosk or the website so we can plan to have enough pizza and crafts. 2. On the sign-up form, please, complete the section about food allergies. We want to make sure that we have something here for them if they have a food allergy. Lastly, please be prompt. We want to start on time and we want to end on time. We want to thank you for the opportunity for allowing us to minister to your children. You can sign up at the kiosks in the foyer or use the link below.