Thrive Student Ministries

Thrive Extra Hours (Every Wednesday & Friday from 2:45-5:00PM)
A great opportunity for our students to unwind, do homework, play games and just do life with Pastor Pencil.

Thrive AM Sunday’s at 9:30AM - (In the Thrive Student Center)
•        Middle School Room (Cranberry Room) with Rusty, Dan & Una
•        High School Room (Blue Room) with Martha and Ryan
•        College & Career (Thrive Lounge by the Fireplace) with Jeff and Chadd
November 5 - 6:00PM - Refuel (Student Service in the Thrive Student Center)
This week, Pastor Pencil and the team that went on last summer’s mission trip, will share their experience in inner city Philadelphia and look forward to our next missions trip coming July 2018. The Thrive Game Room and Thrive Diner open at 5:00PM.
New Series - On November 12, 19 and 26, Pastor Pencil will do his annual Refuel series, “Hmmm, Answers to Your Difficult Questions.” As always, your questions have been tough, but we’ll tackle them together! You don’t want to miss the “Hmmm” series.
November 1 - 6:30-7:30PM - Thrive Youth Group
Thrive Youth Group takes place Wed. nights for 6th -12th grade in the Thrive Student Center (Doors open at 6:00PM; High School with Pencil & Steve– Middle School with Eric).
November 24 - 6:30-9:00PM Thrive Movie Night.
Bored with nothing to do the day after Thanksgiving? Thrive Student Ministries invites all middle school & high school students and their friends, to our next Movie night on Friday, November 24th. The event is FREE and concessions (popcorn, soda, nachos, etc.) will be on sale in the diner. This month’s feature is the “Peanuts Movie.”