Easter Weekend

Good Friday
On Good Friday, March 30th at 6:30pm, we are thrilled to host Michael Belk and Journeys with the Messiah (click here for more info). Journeys with the Messiah combines Jesus’ parable style of teaching with the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” to create a series of photographs depicting Jesus’ messages. They are designed to help you see His relevance from a fresh, innovative and inviting perspective. Michael is not only an acclaimed photographer, but is an avid storyteller and this presentation is sure to captivate our hearts and minds as we see Jesus from this fresh perspective.
Easter Sunday
On Sunday, April 1, we will be having our regular three morning services (8am, 9:30am, & 11am). We will not be having any Adult Bible Fellowships, Upstreet, Waumba Land, nursery, or Sunday school. However, we will be offering a nursery at the 11:00AM service only for children ages 3 and under.  There will be no evening activities on Easter Sunday.
Social Sharing
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Invite Cards
Invite cards are available in the lobby and in the Crosspoint Cafe to help you in inviting your friends, neighbors and family to join you this Easter at Crosspoint. Be sure to pick up a handful and pass them along!